Introducing our window: Land & Coast

Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback received since Vanil launched online. Your comments have really helped us to review our offering to you and refine our website. So, we have decided to introduce each new Discovery for a longer period of time, offering you more product choice, as and when new pieces become available. We will continue to IG and Facebook lifestyle ideas and new products, so if you see anything you fancy please feel free to email or phone.

I can’t quite believe we have already introduced House & Home, Food & Drink, Flower & Fauna our Pappelina shop and here is Land & Coast. It has been a busy but very exciting time!

Mandy x


Land & Coast

September 12th 2016. Mandy

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East Anglia is a beautiful region, providing a lifestyle that we as a family take advantage of everyday, with glorious countryside and vast stretches of coastline on our doorstep. We are keen on sailing so it was no surprise to find ourselves living in Suffolk. We pack our bags and go off whenever the English weather permits, loving coastal and river walks, with the stunning Suffolk light bouncing off the water. The natural beauty of the countryside provides a blissful alternative to the stresses of 21c living, especially when friends join us for a weekend camping trip or a poodle about on the river.

Land & Coast provides so much inspiration for local and Scandinavian artists, of which we are so pleased to have works available for you at Vanil. A recent discovery is an MA Graduate Anne-Marie Jacobs, whose ceramics are informed by the Essex salt marsh surrounding Mersea Island that is her home. She states of her work: ‘My sculptural ceramics communicate an experience of the landscape, evoking a bodily relationship to it. The work aims to relate a sense of risk as well as confidence; a threat of imbalance as well as elegant order; fragility as well as strength. The slip cast forms suggest controlled repetition and the glazes offer wild and serendipitous colours and textures formed in the kiln’. Anne-Marie celebrates the landscape and is eager to encourage conservation for its future; a sentiment we also hold dear.

Part of the allure of living in East Anglia is the amazing colours that characterise the coastal landscape and surrounding countryside. Being able to grasp extraordinary experiences not far from home, such as: watching the amazing sunsets on the North West coast of Norfolk, the glorious reds, yellows and oranges; walks in Thetford Forest, at this time of year, just as the foliage is turning to those beautiful early autumn colours and textures; and the soft pinks and smokey blue/greys of the morning mist rising off the ploughed fields. It all sounds too romantic to have these simple pleasures free to experience on our doorstep, but I have to say, we really are truly blessed and I wouldn't swop this for anything! It is these gorgeous colours all around us at this time of year, which have inspired our collection of products for Land & Coast hope you enjoy.