Vanil christmas advent

So the countdown to Christmas day has began and so each day we open a new advent window to reveal a gift with a chocolate or message. Its been a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years and each family has their own way of making it special. There are now ready made…

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Wonderful Christmas

On the 24th November Vanil celebrated our 6th christmas in Woodbridge with our annual open day. After months of buying and planning it was a joy to welcome our customers, hear their cheerful chatter as they approached the newly dressed windows. We love styling the windows and for me its like putting together a styling…

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Late Autumn snuggles

November sees the last of the fall, those beautiful autumn colours of the leaves by day and the amazing sunsets early evening. By the beginning of December the nights have drawn in, the curtains are drawn, the fire lit and gorgeous Sunday roasts are back on the home cooking menu. We have a beautiful new…

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