New beginnings

In 2016 we where so lucky to discover and work with new Artists and one of my favourites is Skape.

Skape is a Norwegian word meaning ‘to create’ and is the contemporary enamelling business founded by Simon Edwards. In his garden workshop in Suffolk he produces a collection of copper enamel dishes and candleholders with a simplicity and natural efficient function for the discerning collector of design-led home wares as well as a range of unique silver jewellery.

Simon uses copper as his primary metal because it is malleable and softens when heated allowing it to be bent and shaped to different designs. He finds it a rewarding metal to work with and is apt to lose all track of time whilst experimenting with different patinas and textures.

Skape values the ancient tradition of enamelling, which can be traced back as far as Egyptian, Roman and Anglo Saxon times, without losing sight of contemporary aesthetic. The charcoal kilns may have been replaced by the modern electric kiln, but the compounds of enamel remain largely unchanged. Enamel is coloured glass powder which is sifted on to the metal surface before firing at very high temperatures. Often many layers and firings are required to achieve that finished smooth glass finish, luscious colours and look that only enamel can bring to a piece. The Copper candlesticks are perfect with our Ester and Erik coned candles and are available in lots of different colours. Please contact us for more information. x