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Every 6 weeks at Vanil it’s all change

Vanil is an ever-evolving, eclectic mix of Scandinavian inspired design. We don’t have stock hanging around. In-fact, every encounter with us is a world of discovery and we want our website to be the same. Every 6 weeks you will be able to explore and purchase a carefullyselected range of products which we feel particularly passionate about.

“Thank you so much for choosing to shop with Vanil. 

We are very pleased to offer free standard shipping on standard items. However, items, such as furniture, rugs and lamps which require special delivery will be quoted for on an individual basis and we ask you kindly to contact us to arrange your courier service.

Vanil shop online is available for a limited time only. Each ‘feature’ on our website corresponds to the window display and products available at Vanil Woodbridge. At the end of each ‘feature’ we will choose a new collection of discoveries for you. If you have missed out on purchasing one of our discoveries and would like to do so, please do not hesitate to email me and we will try to accommodate your request.” Mandy x